Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thing 6--Creating and Editing Docs

This Thing 6 is going to be very useful to me!!  For most of what I have done in the last 2 years, I have used the Apple app Pages. I have liked the way it works and my document share between my devices. But, I might be ready for a change. At school we have the students use Google Docs and Quick Office.  I have helped them when they create documents on their iPads, then need to open them on a computer to print them. Or when the create on a computer then open them on their iPad to present. Works Slick!

Like I said, I have liked Pages.  I think I might have a little more versatility in the looking at these apps a little more. I like the idea that I could open up google docs...on any computer...anywhere any have my documents. I want to use it more to understand it better.

I also downloaded Cloud on. I like this too.  And it saves to my Google Docs. But since the kids use Quick office I will work on my skills in that for now.

I also think Sign Now is cool.  I just don't have a need for it right now.

This was a good Thing for me.

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