Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thing 7--Content Saving and Sharing

I use bookmarks. I use categories and bookmark everything. Again, since I use all apple devices, they share with each other. I love that.

I also am on Pinterest. I really enjoy looking at the ideas and quotes on it but I find it ends up being time consuming fun and not very productive for me. I really haven't been on it much lately.

Thing 6--Creating and Editing Docs

This Thing 6 is going to be very useful to me!!  For most of what I have done in the last 2 years, I have used the Apple app Pages. I have liked the way it works and my document share between my devices. But, I might be ready for a change. At school we have the students use Google Docs and Quick Office.  I have helped them when they create documents on their iPads, then need to open them on a computer to print them. Or when the create on a computer then open them on their iPad to present. Works Slick!

Like I said, I have liked Pages.  I think I might have a little more versatility in the looking at these apps a little more. I like the idea that I could open up google docs...on any computer...anywhere any have my documents. I want to use it more to understand it better.

I also downloaded Cloud on. I like this too.  And it saves to my Google Docs. But since the kids use Quick office I will work on my skills in that for now.

I also think Sign Now is cool.  I just don't have a need for it right now.

This was a good Thing for me.

Thing 5-Notetaking

In Thing 5 I looked at Apps to help with note taking and keeping me organized. I looked at the suggested apps--Springpad and Remember the milk. Springpad seemed pretty cool in the video but I had a difficult time trying to set it up in a way that would be meaningful to me. There was just more there than I thought I needed. Remember the Milk was easier and I should give it a longer try.

I usually use Notes, Reminders and my calendar on my iPad, iPhone and laptop. My devices all sync together so I'm always up to date. Reminders will set an alarm and a notification for me if I need to remember something at a specific time and place. I take full advantage of Seri to set this for me. My lists, like groceries, I will use Notes because it's so simple.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thing 4

In Thing 4, Keeping Up, I was asked to download FLIP and ZITE. I attempted to personalize these sites with information that would interest me. For a few days, I made a real effort to go to the sites. There was a lot of articles that interested me but I just really don't have the time for them. Thing 4 was not a good Thing for me

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thing 3

Thing 3 wanted me to explore different Utilities Apps. Some utilities that I regularly use are Reminders, Timers and Alarm Clock. I use Reminders the most to keep my aging mind organized. I usually set Reminders to remind me to do something at a certain time--like calling my sister at 9. Some times I use it to remind me at a at location--like "when I get home remind me to take my vitamins".  I also downloaded Chrome to see how I like that search engine.

Thing 2

I just looked at some of the sites with tricks for my iPad and iPhone. It's funny how I knew about many of these things but if I don't use them....I forget about them. I did go in and made some changes to my setting to make my text larger and bolder for my old eyes. I had forgotten about the time stamp on texts and I can shake my phone to delete a text. I will have to try to use those options more often.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014